Skeleton Keys

I found some old rusted keys in the building beside the garage not long ago. They were hanging right inside the door, but I’d never noticed them. I plucked them off the nail and examined them thoroughly. Each key was a little different.

Immediately my mind started racing. What kind of story can I write about these keys? I started thinking about my 1930-something house, the doors that we could never lock, the cellar. Within seconds, a story was forming. It will take a little more time to figure out, but this is going to be fun!

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3 Responses to Skeleton Keys

  1. Hi there Anne. There are a lot of interesting stories that can be developed from the image of the old keys. A ghost story would be the best objective I noticed. A vampire story could also be written about the keys. May be a might mixer of both. Alot could happen. This is mysterious. I hope you find your story. Have a wonderful day.

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