The Lucky 7 – Seven lines from new novels

I’ve been passed The Lucky 7 from my writer friend, Linn Halton. She sent me a tweet:  I’ve tagged u – 7 lines from new works. #authors #newbooks #writing a bit of fun! Lx

It sounded fun which I definitely need more of, and I was
curious, so I went to her website and checked out the instructions. Here is what you do:


Go to page 7 or page 77 of your current novel.
Go to line 7.
Post 7 sentences or 7 lines.
Then tag 7 authors to do the same.

My current work in process is a psychological young-adult. Page 7 only had three lines, so I skipped ahead to page 77. I posted the lines “as is”, so they are cut off. :) Here is my UNEDITED clip.

between us after our incident in the car. I notice that Kennedy is gone and chuckle to myself. I figure she is pressing her naked body against some other lucky boy right now.

“Excuse me.”

Someone shoves me. I grasp for anything. There is only air. I hit the pool surface hard. My back smacks flat against the water, feeling as if I’ve been slapped with a board. Then it gives, swallowing my body like a hungry mouth. Water rushes up my nose like searing tendrils shooting into my brain. I squeeze my eyes tight to lessen my pain, but it doesn’t. The water feels as cold as ice, though I

The 7 authors I’m going to tag are:

  1. Sham Bevel
  2. Daton Flukers
  3. Sierra Alley
  4. James Garcia, Jr.
  5. Andy Holloman
  6. Chicki Brown
  7. Lorna Suzuki

If you have time to join in The Lucky 7 fun, I’d love to see what you post! If you’re too busy, I completely understand.

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One Response to The Lucky 7 – Seven lines from new novels

  1. Hi, Anne. Very interesting snippet. Thanks for playing along and sharing some of your work. Thank you for thinking of me. I was hit with this before, a couple of months ago; however, since you and another friend have asked within a week’s time, I think I will have another go of it. Since I only post once a week, perhaps this is what next Monday’s subject will be in a week’s time. I’ll be sure and link back and let you know when it goes up.
    Have a great week, Anne. *waves*


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