An Unfamiliar Road

Have you ever dreamt of a familiar place, but it’s a little different? Maybe you’re dreaming of your hometown or even the house you grew up in. Maybe it’s a road you’ve driven down two thousand times or somewhere you’ve pulled from the furthest recesses of your mind. Wherever it is, something is amiss.

I had one of those dreams a few nights ago. And what happened in the dream isn’t what really matters, it’s what I was left with when I woke. A dark, brooding feeling lingered keeping me on edge for days.

Is this sense of foreboding a sign of something to come?

This morning I sat down to write an update for my website. I pilfered through my files and found this unpublished blog I wrote in January. As I read it, those dreadful feelings returned and I can tell you that that dream was a sign. I guess my subconscious knew something that I didn’t.

My life has changed in ways I would never have expected. It’s been a difficult year and I had to make many tough decisions. Are they for the better? Did I make the right choices? I guess time will tell. As for now, I’ll walk this unfamiliar road with the hopes that health, happiness, and love will accompany me.


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2 Responses to An Unfamiliar Road

  1. Hi, Anne. It does sound rather spooky, but I hope the premonition is of very good things to come. Especially this time of year where we look back a bit, but mostly look forward to the new year and all of the potential and promise that it might hold. Here’s hoping it’s a great year for both of us, my dear friend. Sorry I haven’t been by these pages very often. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving week. *raises glass of white zin* Cheers!
    Your buddy from Ca.,

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